Project Portfolio

Training Course Technical Content

Scope: Developed technical content for a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) career development course for the Department of Defense to incorporate new policy initiatives.

Capability Areas: Learning Objective & Content Development, Policy Implementation

Life Cycle Logistics Competencies

Scope: Assessed existing requirements for human capital skills, knowledge and abilities to develop a Life Cycle Logistics competency set for the Department of Defense.

Capability Areas: Organizational Skills Determination, Gap Analysis

Life Cycle Logistics Implementation Guidebook

Scope: Developed a comprehensive implementation guidebook based on the Integrated Product Support Elements of the Department of Defense to consolidate both newly developed and legacy policy, regulations, instructions and directives.

Capability Areas: Policy Execution, Technical Writing

Corporate Strategy Refinement

Scope: Worked with corporate level and business unit leadership to update logistics business strategy to align to Customer needs and improve the company's competitive position.

Capability Areas: Strategy Development, Metrics, Innovation Discovery

Business Case Analysis Development

Scope: Worked with business unit leadership to develop a winning business case for their performance based portfolio of products and services.

Capability Areas: Performance Based Contracting, Financial Modeling